WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns

over 5 years ago from Ben Ramsey, Associate Creative Director @ Rightpoint

  • Ben RamseyBen Ramsey, over 5 years ago

    Thanks! The body text is #767676 and passes all but AAA normal sized text.

    Agreed on the card block itself focusing — was oversimplifying to state that the link would have the focus/hover on non-touchscreen devices. None of the cards have multiple actions.

    We removed the real copy, as this is client work. The context will improve clarity that these are links.

    The designs will ultimately be user tested and optimized. We're currently interested in the AA success criterion to meet the legal team's requirements.

    Do the titles need to appear in a different color because they do not have a visual identifier such as an underline? Or does that requirement strictly apply to body copy links.

    Looking at "Link Style"section https://webaim.org/techniques/hypertext/link_text

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