• Timothy Hykes, over 5 years ago

    This is an excellent discussion, and I thank you for sharing. I see your point but... if you took a knife and put it in from of 30 users and asked them what this object is and they say it's a cutter, and you ask them what do you think it's used for, and they say to hijack a plane. As a UX Designer, I will take the knife change the name to the cutter and design it to work best on a plane. As a UX designer, the process is never over. There will always be a new use case. When these use cases arrive you design for them to make them better experiences. That's why I say we design the experience. We may not be the first one to see the use case, but when it's presented to us, we shape it for the user.

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    • Omer BalyaliOmer Balyali, over 5 years ago

      Yes! Definetely the point where I'm trying to explain. As you said, if the experience is not good, we change the design of the knife, or how it's branded... so at the end the user won't have much confusion using it. So we design the product better, as a result we hope for a better experience for the user.

      My point is that designers for decades already been caring about these things. Every designer is responsible to research about the user/customer/people, use cases, edge cases and design accordingly, and to improve it with feedback from users, or from the extracts of the research. But still... you aim for a good experience, so you design a better product/service/solution.

      If you want to label the designers who research about their users and use insights from research to develop a better product: then you have to label all designers, regardless of the discipline as UX Designer, which is kinda pointless because the label Designer already fulfills this need. Most important problem with the title UX Designer is that this approach excludes other designers who is aiming at a good User Experience, like they don't care. That's why there are many articles which discusses UI vs UX, as if User-Interface Designers only care about romantic visual values in designing the interfaces, not focusing on the UX. This is simply wrong. If you say you're User-Interface Designer, that means you design for a better UX, but if you don't care about UX... then you're not a User-Interface Designer, not even a Designer.

      We always have the problem of explaining what is Design. Instead of explaining it clearly, we're making it more vague, because people now think that you must be labeled as UX Designer, otherwise you don't care about the people you're designing for.

      As another commenter noted, companies and employees love this title because it helps them to get more money from clients & companies.

      So you are a designer? Meh. Why did you choose to be a designer, while you could be a UX Designer? You loser...

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