• Dogukan B, over 5 years ago

    I want to talk about an experience I had in the past to get to the point. I'm not a UX designer but I'm a frontend developer with more than 5 years experience I've worked as UI designer too. When I was in collabration with an independent team including copywriter, ui designer, video producer, digital marketing consultant, backend developer and myself as frontend developer. There wasn't a UX Designer or UX Consultant. We were all experienced on digital medium. The work was a brand new mid-sized e-commerce website and the customers had physical stores but had no knowledge on development, design or digital marketing and they even haven't heard of UX. After market and a superficial user research we revealed many issues they had in physical stores.

    Until then I was thinking about it as you do like if you have enough experience on digital you may be able to solve the most of the problems but NO. We stuck there. We thought we definitely need a hands on experienced UX designer maybe even an interior designer because I can't help with the experience the customers were having in the stores that's not my job. Because we weren't able to solve the problems with the knowledge we had. Some problems with market research or user research may be revealed but you can't solve them. Especially after the problem revealed on physical side the customers were also willing to solve those problems so they asked for a full experience resolution both on digital and physical side of the business. I wasn't able to solve everything with navigation or user flows. Back then I wasn't able to find out the solutions because I didn't have any idea about UX techniques or basically I was not interested in human behavior. In the process the customers were also taught what the UX is and they were talking about what were they doing with their business until that moment. In the end, if you are a designer, you are hired to solve the problems anyway. But let's say you're a UI designer and your employer ask you to solve the problem(that an interior designer can) to give customers a better experience in the physical stores. On the other hand, multitasking is killing the brain, so we better chunk it.

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