• Andy StoneAndy Stone, over 5 years ago

    Hey Andrew, totally game to hear about the feedback for the mark. What areas do you feel like the identity could be improved in the typography, colors, layout, etc? Because this is a project coming out of the agency, and not for an individual client, we'd like to improve it so it can be as high quality as possible.

    As far as saying that design shouldn't have a political stance, I have to disagree with you on that front. Design is always to send a message, design is always to communicate a stance. Design for governments, political parties, movements, or causes has been important since leaflets were first distributed. What kind of echo chamber is this promoting in your view?

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    • Andrew Hersh, over 5 years ago

      I understand how my words combined to give that message. What I was referring to would be the echo chamber of people who support the cause supporting the design just because they support the cause.

      Kinda like most people seem to do with politicians, but I digress...

      The main issue with the design, to me, anyway, is that it is 100% meaningless in and of itself. Sure you described what you MEANT by each shade of blue, but an uninformed viewer would see nothing more than something that may as well be a flash card for a toddler. “Blue wave” and here is a picture of a blue wave. Good! Next is “green grass”...

      What you are failing to convey is the very meaning of the term “blue wave” in the first place, which is a capturing of states electoral votes, thus turning them blue.

      If you didn’t tell me this is a political logo, AND describe what each part means and why it even exists, I would see this on a car and think it meant the driver worked at a daycare.

      I don’t see anything inspiring about this at all. Even if you wanted to use a literal blue wave... I mean... ok... but what is it that is inspiring about a blue wave? In person they are massive and powerful... so alright I can see how that would tie in to your message. But the wave in the logo looks neither massive nor powerful. It looks like it should be on a flannel graph.

      It is an icon, that is true. But I see nothing in it that would be inspiring for your supporters or intimidating for your adversaries.

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