What the hell happened with DN?

4 years ago from Martin Bavio, User Interface Person

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 4 years ago

    I was just about to take your side on this before you reminded us you also own dribbble. I respect MetaLab and like the work you guys do, but the communities you run are, in their current state and in my humble opinion, more harmful to our industry than they are beneficial.

    About dribbble

    You may have tripled dribbble's team size, but how exactly has that translated into benefits for the designer community? Aside from that time you gated off some features behind a paywall, there weren't any substantial change since Tiny took over. When dribbble first started, it was minor site intended for people to publish small snippets of their work and cool design experiments they thought of, so its structure of one 300x400 image + some text made sense. Today however it has evolved into the second largest community for designers and in my opinion (and primarily because of the way it is structured and the sort of content it encourages) it has helped create the wrong idea about design in the eyes of both designers starting out and clients/bosses/colleagues. I for one have chosen to no longer take part - it's not like I got anything out of dribbble anyway.

    I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, what we need is a community built to support healthy conversations around how we each solve problems in our organisations. Not a 300x400 shot of a nike shoe, but a ton of details about what the goal of a project was, who the intended audience is, what the process was and what options were tested, how well the design performed, and then ways to incentives the community to join in and discuss the merits of the design, possible alternatives, etc. That way designers just starting out will have a much easier time learning (and learning the right things), and people outside the industry will do less assuming all we do is make pretty shit in PS all day.

    About DN

    I think DN is equally poorly designed for how big it has become today. Its structure may have served it well back when it was invite only, but now that everyone is welcome, it needs to change. See my comment below about it, or any of the previous conversations on the topic. Or this.

    So what I'd be curios to know, is how do you understand Tiny's role in the design community and what specific plans do you have for the future?

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    • Shawn Adrian, 4 years ago

      I still love Dribbble and most of the designers I know still love it and use it as intended... for sharing and viewing fragments of lovely visual work as inspiration. I like your idea about a community for deeper conversations, but maybe it's not Dribbble. How about using DN that way?

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