InVision Studio App Maker Program(

5 years ago from Kris Puckett, Design Community Manager

  • Charles PattersonCharles Patterson, 5 years ago

    The juggle is real. On the one side — we have a product that people are still using, and we're upholding that whilst at the same time we've completely rebuilt it using different technology. In the long run this will enable us to move faster and ship features for you lovely lot. Once we've got the new system (v7) up and running, we're going to be able to move much, much faster, build tighter product and add more features. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient with us <3

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    • Lee Fuhr, 5 years ago

      It's been very literal years of that promise. I have dusty email chains with support to attest to that. Surely some shiny new revenue chain or branding opportunity will come along and pull the focus away from core UX, features, and stability.


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