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5 years ago from Kris Puckett, Design Community Manager

  • Andy StoneAndy Stone, 5 years ago

    What if Apple shakes the earth and makes the desktop irrelevant. or if VR/AR start taking off, will 3D be the new screen design.

    I think this is a super interesting sentiment, but building for the "existing" systems will still be important for many years to come. Thinking about adoption within enterprise companies, the "desktop" will be a mainstay in business until at least 2025. I know that is a huge declaration, but maybe we can set a reminder for mid-2024 so you can let me know that I was totally off base.

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    • Nick MNick M, 5 years ago

      You're totally right. The desktop is here to stay for a while. I just hope its not design that holds back the digital evolution because our tools are the problem.

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