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  • Johannes Neumeier, 4 years ago

    I hope you also appreciate to hear some feedback in addition to questions.

    ...some of the characters were inspired by our brand symbol—the Bélo—which can be drawn by hand in a continuous stroke. Both the ‘a’ and ‘b’ can be drawn this way, and the loop on the bowl of the ‘a’ connects back to the Bélo. The single-stroke drawing is quite human, but also balanced with simpler features in other characters.

    This just sounds so pretentious and is reasoning that is hard to follow looking at the mark and the typeface. That a explicitly is a construction that requires lifting the "pen", and the bowled characters have a very constructed and vertically mirrored bowl, something that also is absolutely absent from organically drawing the shape.

    As a typographer, the image in the article explaining typographic terms is just sloppy all over: x-height is marked confusingly, stroke contrast just points at the black of a glyph without any explanation or distinct location, aperture and cap height markings are imprecise and the red background (supposedly the x-height) is top aligned to stems, like n, but bottom you aligned it to the overshoots of round letters instead of the actual baseline, consequently sending the T and other character flying.

    What was your reasoning for choosing a geometric typeface for a product that is, as the article correctly mentions, mostly UI — where the wide horizontal space taken by all round characters takes up a lot of space?

    All in all the typeface is nice and a prototypical geometric that is very obviously hot right now, but the type direction lacks originality, character and distinction — which a brand typeface should foster, no?

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