Spirit is out now for Mac(spiritapp.io)

over 5 years ago from Chase Giunta, Creative Something

  • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 5 years ago

    how does it work, how does it look like ? How does it compare to ae+lottie/bodymovin ? Perhaps the developer should answer these questions before asking for money!

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    • Thomas Lowry, over 5 years ago

      I was on the beta, so hopefully can shed a bit of light.

      You have elements on your page which could include SVG code, that you want to animate. You launch the app, and turn on the browser plugin. Spirit requires a JS library, so if you don't have that included on the page, it can insert it into the DOM for you.

      Through the app, you can create a new animation by creating a group. A group is a collection of elements on the page. Spirit includes a method to select elements from your page by clicking on them. Once added, you can create timeline animations for each of the elements with easing, key framing etc through the Spirit GUI.

      In the end you can export the JS (JSON) for your animation and add the animation to your page.

      So essentially it is an animation experience that involves animating directly in the browser on your page.

      There is an API so you can programatically control when animations start/stop etc.

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