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4 years ago from ChrisArchitec t, webdev, ops & solver of things

  • Tait BrownTait Brown, 4 years ago

    We're currently looking at licensing a big font foundry typeface. Could you comment on the purported reason more companies are creating their own typeface being due to exorbitant per seat licensing costs?

    EDIT: Oh, and great work of course. That goes without saying.

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    • Thomas Lowry, 4 years ago

      It has to be a factor. We got an unlimited license since we needed to cover over 12,000 employees, for 3 font weights, and it was around 50k USD (same type foundry that airbnb worked with).

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    • Karri SaarinenKarri Saarinen, 4 years ago

      Depending what you mean by per seat pricing a.) number of machines that have the font installed b) number of users viewing the font through your app/site. In our case, we would need both, but the issue mostly comes from b), since our userbase is so large. We cannot follow the regular pricing, but need to have a custom contract with a foundry. Needless to say that is not exactly free, so the pricing definitely plays in to the consideration do you buy(create) vs rent.

      Creating your own typeface will also give you other benefits, such as you can exactly get what you want, and you modify or make changes if you want to.

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