• C W, almost 5 years ago

    I understand your frustration because I've been there, but you sound very bitter about this experience. Are you sure you're in the right work environment? It sounds very developer driven and that design is taking the back-seat. As a designer that's not ever going to be fun for you.

    I'd seriously consider looking for work elsewhere. I only say this because as designers we're very lucky to be able to find work easily. Life is too short to spend your days frustrated over arguments with people who don't value what you do for a living.

    That said, yes, I would spend my time doing those things if it actually got me results. If I tried a few times and it was extremely clear it's not going to work, I'd find a new job (or accept that I'm just there to push pixels). Leaders in design and technology in general become leaders because they spend time with people from other disciplines, work with them, and influence their decisions to get the outcome they want for the right reasons. You can't simply demand to be respected, especially in an environment where you're outnumbered. You either accept that it's going to be a challenge and try and solve it, or you leave and find an easier challenge.

    Again, I know it's frustrating and DN is a good place to vent without judgement, but this experience itself is a design challenge.

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