• Ezekiel BinionEzekiel Binion, over 5 years ago

    Going outside of Sketch and learning just enough code to build your own prototypes is the best solution I've come across for these scenarios. There are some apps for prototyping that could handle stateful components better than Sketch, like Axure, but everything you're looking at is going to have trade-offs. Even if you're not quite ready to code your own stuff yet, something like Webflow could do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on the design. Either way, Sketch is limiting and you'll probably keep bumping up against its edges for complex/stateful prototypes.

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    • C W, over 5 years ago

      I've been experimenting with Webflow for this. Not because I don't know how to code, my background is front-end, but simply because it's faster than coding anything from scratch and the translation from Figma/Sketch to Webflow is pretty straight forward. It's actually not that hard to build responsive prototypes with motion. I wouldn't consider them production ready, but it's certainly more helpful than what I get out of Invision after uploading 8727357 screens to try and accomplish what I want.

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