• Johan Gunnarsson, almost 5 years ago

    No matter who is "right" or "wrong" in any specific case, there is one thing I have noticed: Designer often come from a background where soft skills like how to give constructive feedback and how to nurture a creative environment is essential. Many developers lack in this area.

    It's not uncommon for developers to be very blunt/rude when voicing their opinions or to just change stuff in the design without telling anyone (likely to avoid social interaction). When invited to join the projects early they perform badly and their behaviour lowers team morale.

    During my 10 years at a number of different companies I have never met designers who act like this, but a good share of developers do (of course designers can be douches in many ways too).

    Solution? Social skill should be valued higher when recruiting developer. Make sure that they are good team players. Also, tech schools should teach more about working in a creative environment.

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