• Manos Kyriakakis, almost 5 years ago

    Given the context that you are sharing, it's not about any tricks or tips that will help you push innovation forward, but how your product team is operating.

    I think that a major part of the problem is on the Product Manager's shoulders. You should not struggle to convince your team which is the right design. From the early stages of the design process, you should work closely with the Product Manager and align on the main design guidelines of the feature. Your time should be spent in designing the best possible solution and not in arguing about your designs.

    You are right to design with the user as a first priority and based on a fine balance between being consistent and having upcoming features in mind. To be honest the first one who should think that way is the Product Manager.

    However, the time to implementation is not always the "golden rule" and definitely this is not something that the front-end devs of your team should worry about. Roadmaps and meeting shipping deadlines is a product manager's problem and responsibility.

    As far as front-end is concerned, if your team needs weeks of development for implementing a new feature even on the existing UI, it means that you are missing something. E.g. having a design system would significantly increase your team's development speed and help you ship new features much faster.

    If your UI is not functional and outdated, this should appear on your user metrics and feedback and your Product Manager should prioritise a UI revamp. Given the facts that you are describing, you are trying to make the things that your Product Manager should do (but apparently is not doing).

    Long story short, your problem is not the developers' change aversion. It's not a matter of you finding any tricks to convince your team. It's a matter of how your team is working. If I were you, I would discuss my concerns with my Product Manager, so that we could find a long-term solution to this problem, or else I cannot see it working in the long term.

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