• Tristan HarwardTristan Harward, almost 5 years ago

    It's a little give & take I'd say.

    Only two ideas:

    1. Give: understand how they think and work that into your designs and the way you talk about them (yes, you'll have to be empathetic with them as well as users, with no expectation of reciprocation—that's called maturity and is also just smart). They like things being easy? Show them how a more modular design is also more modular in code, and can be reused and is less work later. Do they like simpler things? Simplify a few things (you probably always can, anyway, to great benefit) in trade for one more complex thing elsewhere. Do they have beef with how design meets reality? Do your research up front and make sure you're understanding what's possible with the technology before you design, and bring them into the process earlier so they have a say. You're not designing in a vacuum; you're helping co-create a system. Work with them.

    2. Take: positively and constructively work to get them thinking more about the end-users and less about themselves and their work. First, find out why they're so focused on development time and scope: is it all just opinion, or are they being measured, rewarded, or punished based on how quickly they work, even subconsciously? Do your best to work on that if so. Are they not understanding users? Get them to spend time on calls, interviews, or research sessions—take some of their time, even 15m per week, and get quotes, videos, highlight reels, or let them sit in on real tests. Get them as close to users as they're willing—and as frontend engineers, they might have some interest in that if offered.

    In general—being frustrated with them isn't going to work. Change your strategy, or change the influences on their behavior. Yes, you have to do the work—you can say "engineers should care more!" (mostly speaking to other comments in this thread) or something, and it might feel good, but that won't change anything. Show them why it makes their lives better with real evidence and take small steps that have visible outcomes.

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