• Linton Ye, almost 5 years ago

    Hey Jimmy! Author of the learnreact.design course here.

    Thanks a lot for mentioning my course. I completely agree with your points above which is why I created the course in the first place.

    It'd be much easier to work with devs if a designer can speak devs' language and show them that your design is not just pixels in Sketch but actually backed by code. They'd respect your design a lot more. Also completely agree that it's really compelling to be able to dig into actual product codebase and tweak things there. As long as you learn the basics, learn how to set up things, get the project running, and have a sense of where to look at and which file to change, it'd be life-changing since you can start contributing your design into the final product without someone else's help.

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    • Account deleted almost 5 years ago

      Let's end this crap. At least a solid designer knows the basics of coding but is not to code. This is the first thing. The second - when will we start telling the devs to be more communicative, cooperative and learn the soft skills? I am fed up with this attitude that they are the ones we need to listen to and care for. If you understand coding, you create something good and you get poor communication, anger, hustle (you know, the "rush" to "let's just produce it, it doesn't need to be designed"), then whose problem is this? The designer's problem? No way!

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