• William Minty, almost 4 years ago

    This is a great idea. I've been looking for a similar plugin as our team has struggled with this in the past.

    Being able to adjust type styles based on artboard width would be incredibly handy as our team uses Text Styles religiously :)

    Would you look to provide an option to create new breakpoint variants of an existing Text Style? Eg. Going from Small/Body/C-align/Normal on a Small device width, to a Large Device width and suggesting Large/Body/C-align/Normal or something to that effect?

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    • Joseph Mueller, almost 4 years ago

      Hey William,

      I was thinking you would set up styles like normal let's say on your small break point. Then you would select your text box and assign the styles for your break points.

      Your idea might be cleaner and less work so if it we do build this thing we'll check out that route as well. Great idea.


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