Fellow designers, would you find this tool useful or utterly pointless?

5 years ago from Stevie E, Co-founder of https://getacquainted.co/

  • Paul JacksonPaul Jackson, 5 years ago

    There are many ways to establish desirability for a product, but asking potential users is not the best approach. What people say and what people do (whether they actually do use it/pay for it) are very different things.

    One idea: setup a landing page for the product and gather emails from those that are interested in finding out more. You'll get a sense of the number of people interested and a mailing list for marketing / research purposes.

    If nobody bites then it wasn't such a great idea and you haven't wasted the time building a product nobody wants.

    This is just one simple idea straight from the lean methodology. There are plenty more ways to establish desirability.

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