• Jrtorrents Dorman , 5 years ago

    Well history has shown that is not the case and it’s not financiallly viable either because the sreen design market is a very very small market.

    Consider the Office market as an example, Microsoft didn’t just make Word and went to bed, they added Excel and Powerpoint (so has apple)

    It’s not just invision though, Framer and Figma were moving in the same direction even before Invision annouced their efforts.

    I also disagree that Adobe stagnated the market, it’s not their fault that people started using Photoshop (a tool desiging for editing photos) for designing apps/websites and even today a good chunk of users still use it.

    If you’re worried about plug-ins don’t be, they’ll mostly will be ported over, the same way most photoshop plugins were ported over.

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    • Andrew C, 5 years ago

      Well even if the screen market is small (though I doubt it)—Sketch as a company is relatively tiny so their ambitions can tailor to me and my use case. There's no stockholder looking for 200% year over year hockey stick growth. That's what ultimately opened up a foothold in a market dominated by Adobe—the pursuit of quality.

      People used Photoshop & Illustrator to design for screens because that's really all there was. Illustrator was a general purpose illustration tool—and I suppose you could fit screenshots/UI in as "illustrations".

      It wasn't until Sketch came along and gave us symbols and export for screens without the 100 other use cases in the way that things got good. Again, their decision to use a parse-friendly format, to me, showcases their willingness to do something that may be prohibitive to them for the sake of simplicity (app developers can just build plugins as they please, or build services right on top of Sketch).

      There is a massive difference between the Microsoft "take all" mindset and Sketches "we do this, and well" mindset. You're 100% right that it's more profitable and desirable as a business. But as a USER? I'm not convinced. And I think that's why I like Sketch as it is—focused on helping me every day.

      But InVision isn't Adobe. They may pull it off. We'll see.

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