AMA: All About Prototyping in Adobe XD

over 4 years ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Jonathan Pimento, 4 years ago

    Hi Adrian,

    I completely understand the importance of being able to prototype form elements in XD. Its lower in priority only because we have a couple key foundational pieces we would like to deliver first.

    As we make progress on the foundational features, we will continue to work on adding support for form elements, gestures and more advanced prototyping capabilities.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Pimento Product Manger - Adobe XD

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    • adrian ioadrian io, 4 years ago

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for clarifying.

      I love the early Adobe / Macromedia products. It’s a shame you didn’t use Flash as the basis for XD - it had everything you needed to create simple and sophisticated prototypes. Good design tools, symbols to create components and styles, behaviours for non-technical designers to add interactivity or Actionscript for designers who can code. It was also easy to share specific motion settings with developers. All that was missing was output to HTML (rather than SWF) and the ability to make adaptive layouts.I appreciate it probably wouldn’t have been that easy though to add those extra bits on top of an old codebase…

      Anyway, my prototyping tools of choice are Framer and Axure - which allow you to create very basic lo-fi prototypes or sophisticated hi-fi prototypes.

      I appreciate it can’t be easy prioritising features, as everyone has different prototyping needs - from simple to more sophisticated. I’d argue though that basic form elements and interactivity should be part of the foundation - this will make you stand out a bit more from your competition, who are all still focusing on the basics and features that are not so important for enterprise customers / apps. For example Invision recently gave a presentation of their new Studio app and its prototyping capability to a Fortune100 company. When the question about input fields popped up the response was ‘Planned for a future phase'.

      In summary - I believe input fields are more important than the ability to create custom animations or transitions for example. I understand animations etc add the wow factor and it's exciting, but form elements have more utility when it comes to prototyping business apps.

      @Kyle Must have: basic HTML form elements and interactivity. Having custom validation is a nice to have, but not something I’d consider for v1.

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      • Kyle Galle, 4 years ago

        Hi Adrian, thank you for the follow up about the input versus validation. Makes sense, especially in the context of building business apps. We're working towards richer fidelity in prototyping. I appreciate you letting us know what you'd like to see from us.

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