Would you give me feedback on my personal site? (take 2)(alexprice.co)

over 5 years ago from Alex Price, Design from Figma ➔ Fusion 360

  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 5 years ago

    Kind of an open question, but I notice a lot of folks doing the hover scaling effect that involves type but I notice on standard-res screens that these effects get awfully fuzzy and pixellated versus the high-dpi stuff, and this keeps me from using the technique professionally. Are a lot of designers more or less optimizing for retina screens these days?

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    • Alex PriceAlex Price, over 5 years ago

      That's a question that maybe deserves it's own topic, and gets into the larger challenge of what browsers/platforms/years to support. For this portfolio site, my audience is primarily tech folks, and I'm mostly aiming at startups + other designers here (people likely to have retina displays, and up-to-date browsers).

      I think it's generally true that we optimize for what we can see, unless we have great testing suites + teams in place to show us where we fall short. For most designers, that ends up (unfortunately) being retina screens, on quick MacBooks, with fast internet (/generalization).

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