Would you give me feedback on my personal site? (take 2)(alexprice.co)

almost 6 years ago from Alex Price, Design from Figma ➔ Fusion 360

  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, almost 6 years ago

    1) Great, glad that was helpful!

    2) Yeah, this could go either way. It does feel a bit cramped compared to the overall design.

    3) I like the -> arrow on the end of the title. I think you should use that and remove "Read about it". Little surprised you're putting this below the "Let's talk" section. Seems like your splitting your footer rather than putting the next projects section on top of your footer. Either way, that will be a helpful improvement.

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    • Alex PriceAlex Price, almost 6 years ago

      I added those links (example here). Still gotta figure out a "back to homepage" button placement.

      Good call on the split footer—I added them directly below the finished article, rather than below the contact me.

      I appreciate all your feedback, and the time you've put into critique!

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