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over 5 years ago from Joel Califa, Senior Product Designer at GitHub

  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 5 years ago

    I believe we're all being way too hard on ourselves in a lot of situations.

    Our way of assessing ourselves is by abusing impossible-to-meet standards, by turning them into the holy goal of goals.

    Anecdotal analogy: I play basketball. I'm on a pretty solid team. Amateur level, but we carved up several competitions around the city for two years in a row. Am I in the NBA? Hah. No way. I'm an overweight guard/forward with a suspect lefty. Could I beat a 54 year old Michael Jordan? Not even when I was in my prime. Am I proud as fuck that of the game where I single-handedly outscored the opposing team? You betcha.

    Back to work;

    Yesterday, I hacked together a landing page with WordPress. It's not ideal on mobile, and I won't be able to reuse much of the code. However, I also designed and built an email campaign, and slapped that into Campaign Monitor. And did images for our social media outlets for the coming few weeks that tie into the campaign.

    On my own. In a day.

    Is it the world's best campaign? No. Is it going to out-shine the multi-million-dollar campaign made by that famous agency? Hell naw... but is it going to sell within our market? You betcha.

    You HAVE to judge yourself not by your losses, but by your wins. Count your achievements within the context of your capabilities and resources.

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