• Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 5 years ago

    From personal experience... If you address every edge case from the start, you will have an unworkable and unmanageable product. Edge cases will break existing workflows, consistency, and add unneeded complexity to a product. Making a headache for editors, devs, and to the user.

    Granted if your dribbble pretty design doesn't meet your users/business needs... well that should come out of user testing and data, and you should iterate your design. End of the day, just say "Show me the data for this edge case".

    Most of the time these edge cases I experience

    1. Someones unverified scenario (What if...)

    2. False user perceptions that stakeholders have (I think and I believe that...)

    3. Someone complained X years ago, so we need to have it this way.

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