• Joao Carvalho, over 5 years ago

    Interesting. But by applying a design push in the beginning and edge cases thinking later, wouldn't you be creating a situation when edges cases comes up, it can create frustration or double the work since they weren't thought since the beginning?

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    • Keith F, over 5 years ago

      A group of people can brainstorm extreme scenarios from the beginning, but is that really helpful? It distracts the team from focusing on the higher order problem and opportunity.

      For example... if I had to make an app for people to share videos, I want to first focus on our target group, their goals, and create strong user scenarios - not chat about out what we're gonna do when the file size is too big or the server is down.

      Those cases are important and need to be addressed, but I personally wouldn't dive in to them early on.

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