How do you work with multiple designers on a Sketch File?

over 4 years ago from Chloé DT, UI/UX Designer at Ticketmaster

  • Oly R, over 4 years ago

    We have something similar. A main library (buttons, type, colours, layout etc) that feeds separate sketch libraries (lists, navigation) specific to that product. Having a "gatekeeper" seems the best option for us at the moment too.. once the main library was built it doesn't get changed that much.

    Haven't found the perfect version control yet, Abstract was a bit of an undertaking for our team because of moving all the files to their system. We use git simply to create a log of whats changed and it allows designers to pull from it when there's been an update.

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    • Andrew CiobanasiuAndrew Ciobanasiu, over 4 years ago

      I'm curious to hear about how you are using git. Is your gatekeeper stashing all the sketch files in a folder within a repo and going from there? Is everyone documenting their "commits" individually then passing them forward?

      Our team is pretty excited about Abstract, but we're holding out for a built in dev handoff and hopefully some kind of API for programatic export of master branches.

      Also, we're trying to leverage google team drives per project. Bit of a head scratcher there, but promising nonetheless.

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      • Oly R, over 4 years ago

        Yes, we have a repo with the main library on there.

        The gatekeeper is the only one that can commit and log changes because merging is not an option. We've got a couple of channels on Slack, one is for suggested component changes (a place of discussion), the other is hooked up to git and notifies everyone when the library has been updated. Then people can load up Sourcetree (git gui) and see the commit message, do a pull and overwrite their main file.

        It's not the best option because everyone relies on the gatekeeper to keep the file up to date but we've found after several months that it only gets updated every couple of weeks and it's never going to be urgent enough to block people from working.

        Overall I think merging would be nice so more than one person can use and update it at a time but people have got used to waiting for the gatekeeper and he knows the components better than anyone, everything is built and named the same way.

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