iMac Pro Now Available(

almost 6 years ago from Eduard Giménez, Co-founder & CTO at Emtrics

  • Paul Van TuylPaul Van Tuyl, over 5 years ago

    Would you really ever need to max out the specs, really? I mean, if I was looking to buy a desktop I would just get the baseline model. It almost seems silly to max out this form factor for all of the reasons stated, so why bash it?

    If you’re really going to be spending 15K on a workstation wouldn’t you be wanting to have a small rendering farm set up anyway (so you can continue working while rendering)? I guess it depends on what your pipeline setup is and what kind of work you’re doing (single scenes or stills vs sequences).

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ doesn’t matter what Apple makes, some people like it, some people will hate on it. Seems to me that nobody else could design a world class monitor that’s also a pretty amazing computer.

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