Bootsketch: Design sites faster (looking for feedback)

almost 6 years ago from Seth C, CEO @ UX Cabin

  • Edouard Penin, almost 6 years ago

    Just bought it, I went through the same process myself so I definitely support the product and know the pain of creating this thing! :D

    Few things bother me though, main one being the input variants (large) are not there, neither are cards.

    Also, If you resize an input, shrink it/grow it vertically the input field sizes, I feel this is counterproductive (not a behavior bootstrap has, and not enough to make a large type input as the text size is different (I fixed the symbol's height so not much hustle there))

    As of right now, the kit is not complete enough for a regular bootstrap user.

    Nice things to have would be label size variants for inputs also (I mainly played with inputs)

    This being said, you did a really awesome work dealing with nested symbols, those are really obvious to use, and expect a few unexpected behaviors (input fields changing heights) you did an amazing job with responsive (that slider is awesome :))

    Do you plan on tackling those soon?

    Hope this was constructive, this is really a great start, just not full enough for what it sells to me. But it will definitely be my go if you make improvements!

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    • Seth CSeth C, almost 6 years ago

      This is exactly the type of feedback I'm looking for. I wanted to get the product out there and see if there was interest for it without building every size variation of of badges, or inputs. These are all things I'm writing down and will put on the roadmap to add/fix in the near future.

      I'll go ahead and create a public trello board so we can track bugs, improvements, and ideas

      I really appreciate your feedback, I won't let you guys down!

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