How do you create wireframes?

over 5 years ago from Julian Moosbrugger, UX Designer for Fintech and B2B

  • Andrew Washuta, over 5 years ago

    So, I used to not wireframe at all actually. I was so quick at iterating through ideas that I'd just build in Sketch / PS / whatever tool was necessary.

    I've since made quite a shift to wireframing quite often. I used Balsamiq for a while, but I actually don't like it very much, and I'll tell you why, but first, here's a bit of a backstory:

    The company I currently work for creates analytics and insights products for consumer packaged goods companies, so as I'm sure you can guess, the products themselves are incredibly complex. There are a number of components that are reused x amount of times, and there are continual changes. It's easiest for me to wireframe in Sketch so that I'm able to control my library of nested symbols — even though we're currently living in lo-fi/wireframe land. It's just so much quicker than Balsamiq, plus, I can quickly and iteratively move into hi-fidelity mockups if necessary. It's just so much more efficient in my workflow.

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