Why Seshn is Reinventing Magazines(brand.seshn.com)

almost 10 years ago from Brand Winnie, Head of Design at GrowthHackers

  • Tim GauthierTim Gauthier, almost 10 years ago

    so this looks like what flipboard or google+ interest circles are essentially doing it. It sort of lost me at the point where it says they are not employing 15 writers and then choosing to build on wordpress as a "programming language".

    First off tying into 20% of the web can happen without using wordpress, and wordpress doesn't really seem like the type of platform for this site, how does he address the issues of mobile he mentioned earlier in the article. How does this product monitize itself, this is actually important. I honestly never minded advertisements on good magazines because they often helped me find interesting products. Why not pay to have quality written content, Medium is interesting, however now that it is open to the world to write in, most of the content isn't that great. There is a lot to say about having professional curation, as well as professional content that people enjoy. Paying the bills is an okay and acceptable action for a business to do. Customers WILL pay for good products (see apple making money despite recession). The idea that no one will pay for a good subscription is false. Yes we can consume lots of great content online, however they still go read those magazines.

    What about that amazing photograph he mentioned seeing in the magazine, how would that have been taken if the photographer wasn't paid a nice chunk of change to go and capture it.

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