• Gabriel G, 5 years ago

    Someone who not only understands, but can effectively communicate and explain that Black Lives Matter is a movement to call for the acknowledgement of black people’s pain and suffering under societal structures, both historically and presently, is demonstrating to you the following important professional skills they possess:

    This is both extremely politicized and subjective, and ironically, it points to the total homogeneity of dogma in Silicon Valley. As a candidate that would meet all of your "diversity" requirements, I would fail your BLM test spectacularly - and again, ironically - because my "diversity of background and life experience" has afforded me that perspective. And your attempt to tie that to professional skills is not only disingenuous, but a blatant show of bias at work.

    This essay is a precisely why diversity of thought is what SV needs. A bunch of people that all look different or come from different places but think exactly the same way is not diversity. That's the most simple-minded, elementary, surface-level approach to diversity and it is markedly dangerous.

    Stop pushing your personal and political agenda of exclusion, indoctrination, and targeted favoritism under the guise of diversity and inclusion. There are real diversity issues in tech. Rhetoric like this only distracts from and silences the genuine efforts that are being made to improve those issues.

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    • Faruk AtesFaruk Ates, 5 years ago

      Interesting that you created a new account just to leave this comment. And don't actually provide any evidence for your assertions.

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