AIGA Design Census 2017(

almost 4 years ago from Archie Bagnall, Designer and In-House Lead

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    Q28: "I'd like to get better at:" Well I'd like to get better at everything I'm already good at too. Bear that in mind when analysing results - not everyone might've thought that same way.

    Q38: The most important skills for designers: In my eyes, EMPATHY is BY FAR the most important skill for any designer, anywhere. We translate between X and Y. X is the user. Y is either the code that just did something, or the company that's trying to show you something, or the button that WILL do something once you press it. It's our task to communicate those messages between them!

    Empathy means we can place ourselves in someone else's position, and understand what they need to interface with to understand "the other side".

    Not a day goes by that we shouldn't ask ourselves: what will this do to the person we're doing this for?!

    Furthermore, in this fast-paced world we need to keep up with ever-changing circumstances. Only the most empathic will come up with solutions like "what if I hold the iPad like this, and use the CAMERA as a BUTTON?"

    Empathy & creativity. Every designer's besties.

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