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almost 6 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, almost 6 years ago

    Hey folks- two new related announcements to share hot off (and complimentary to) the Studio reveal last week. Here are the updates in a nutshell: team has joined InVision team has joined InVision

    Ehud and his team are phenomenal. If you’ve ever had the privilege of interacting with them in the past you’ll know just how hardworking and attuned to this space they truly are. Excited to be working together with this team moving forward. Speaking of which they’ve already been hard at work cranking on something very near and dear to all our hearts…

    InVision Design System Manager (DSM)

    InVision Design System Manager

    DSM is the result of taking the powerful product, integrating it with the core InVision platform, and expanding its scope and ability within the context of the broader design team. Practically speaking this means it is possible to create, update, and maintain your Design System via:

    • Web via InVision account
    • Sketch via plugin
    • InVision Studio via native implementation

    DSM works both internally (managing assets, symbols, colors, code, etc within context of your design tool) and also externally (easily generating a rich shareable web portal). Want to make your system public for all to consume? DSM makes that turnkey. Available December 2017.

    As always, will do our best to answer your questions in the comments. Peace! :)

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    • Christopher DavisChristopher Davis, almost 6 years ago

      Ya'll are crushing it.

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    • Evan Place, almost 6 years ago

      Will there be a way to import/convert a sketch library into something that can be managed with DSM? Working on some stuff now, but don't want to have to redo the library/system. Maybe thats an easily solution already. Just a thought. This looks awesome.

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