Good monitor for Design 2018

almost 4 years ago from Lucian .es, Product Designer

  • Alex ChanAlex Chan, almost 4 years ago

    Dell has some really reasonably priced IPS panels. Not sure about their offerings in 4K/5K, but I've been happy with every Dell Ultrasharp purchase I've made in the past.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 4 years ago

      I had both the U2711 and the U2713HM and strongly disliked both. It might be personal preference, but I could never get into the matte coating on them. Just bought a used thunderbolt display and am obsessed with it, even though it's a couple years old.

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      • Lucian .esLucian .es, almost 4 years ago

        I own a 2715h and I'm not really impressed with the colors. I might have to calibrate it and see if it makes sense. (I'm keeping it mainly for coding, vertical layout)

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