• Jrtorrents Dorman , 4 years ago
    1. Dell XPS 15. Comes with a great edge-to-edge desiplace, 16gb memory (expandable to 32gb). i7 and 512gb ssd for $2949

    2. Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Start selling in November. Price around MBP for similar configuration.

    3. HP SPECTRE X360 Similar specs as the Dell for a bit cheaper. Also configurable. Rated best laptop by Theverge for 2016.

    I believe both the hp and Microsoft have pen support.

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    • Jake BarryJake Barry, 4 years ago

      I have the XPS 15 (4K i7 1TB SSD version) and if you do not need pen support, this machine is fantastic. Just wanted to call that out because it is advertised as having a touch screen, but it is really just for simple gestures and things like that (which is nice for moving across artboards).

      However, the heat displacement is not as good as it could be, and when doing intensive GPU/CPU work (especially video and gaming), performance drops a bit when it gets too hot. I bought an well-designed aluminum stand and that has mostly eliminated the problem.

      A developer colleague of mine has the Surface Book 2 and loves it as well. It is incredibly light for what is packed inside.

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