• Wesstong Jr, 4 years ago

    Hello, I think if in the future I want to move from OS X to windows I will choose the surface pro or the surface book, but they are a little bit pricey too ;)

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    • Nikita Treptsov, 4 years ago

      Looks like a nice option, but still a bit pricey (true). What you think of Razer Blade Stealth?

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      • Patryk ZabielskiPatryk Zabielski, 4 years ago

        I have a Razer Blade laptop that I bought in their retail store in San Francisco.

        Be very careful about these, I had to replace mine on the spot 4 times before I got a properly built laptop without dead pixels or some other hardware issues like loose trackpad etc.

        It would have been a nightmare if I ordered it online.

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        • Dillon RaphaelDillon Raphael, 4 years ago

          I ordered mine online, and can vouch for the issues with Razer Blade. Had to send mine back only once, but still.

          I would say coming from a macbook tho, the razer blade IS the best choice.

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        • Nikita Treptsov, 4 years ago

          Thx. Gonna be careful!

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