What back-end language should I learn?

almost 6 years ago from Pavel Ivanov, UI/UX Designer

  • Kyle PierceKyle Pierce, almost 6 years ago

    I think working on a project is the best way to get started. Doing tutorials never worked for me. I had to create something that I was passionate about getting it to work. I am a visual learner so I needed a programming language/framework with a tight feedback loop. (make a change, see the change). I found meteor.js a javascript framework. It has recently fallen out of vogue, but I feel the magic of things just working; make it an amazing for first-time programmers.

    That being said I wish I had focused more on the philosophy of programming; instead of learning the syntax of a single language. I recently watched a couple courses from Lynda by Simon Allardice. The one that helped me the most is Programming Foundations: Object-Oriented Design

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