What back-end language should I learn?

almost 6 years ago from Pavel Ivanov, UI/UX Designer

  • Rishabh Saxena, almost 6 years ago

    Rails and Python are good back end languages to go for, especially if you're going to be working with web technologies. If you look at takeaways from Stackoverflow's annual survey (https://blog.zipboard.co/developer-trends-to-watch-out-for-a0b11c49dbec) you'll see that Python has overtaken PHP this year. Also Python can be big help in Data visualization, if you need that.

    And JavaScript is a good resource to know without a doubt. Depending on what technologies you are working with and what project you are building, I'd say start with one of these three.

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    • Pavel IvanovPavel Ivanov, almost 6 years ago

      Thank you for answer, I usually working on web projects and more looking to JavaScript but definitely try Python as well. Thanks!

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