• Larry IoannidisLarry Ioannidis, over 5 years ago

    Good questions Andy! I make the same questions for myself as well. To be honest I don't think Daily/Weekly/Monthly Categorization will stay. That was just my logic of doing groceries. Probably it will be 3 main categories (like: Food, Cleaning Stuff, I don't know... still working on that). The idea is that all categories "export" into the same bucket(list) if one of the items has an amount more than 0. Ideally you would be able to export the list to a To-Do app, print it or just use the app in the supermarket will you shop.

    This also works as inspiration when you want to make your groceries list. My girlfriend always forgets what she wants when I go to the supermarket, so having a list of things we have bought before is very convenient.

    It's very early stage of the app and also a playground for me to learn VueJs, but fun and hopefully useful as well.

    I def will create the option to have personal accounts and then have combined lists with people you want.

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    • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, over 5 years ago

      Cool, this all makes sense. I use Google Keep for groceries and for anything needing a list really, and it works really well. They also autocomplete groceries you've entered in the past, or just food items in general, it's pretty sweet! There's some good inspiration there.

      I'm always intrigued by little projects like these and seeing how different people think and organize information, even when it's simple things like groceries. Thanks for sharing!

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