• Austin Knight, over 5 years ago

    $29 / month for 25 active prototypes. How many projects are you working on at once?

    As a side note, this got me thinking about how a lot of SaaS companies actually purposely price-out sole proprietors / freelancers. The lowest paying customers can tend to also be the highest costing customers (in terms of complaints, support tickets, refund requests, churn, etc) and the most difficult to upsell and cross-sell (which is usually where SaaS makes the most money, and what drives their LTV up).

    So while I don't think this is the case with UXPin (their pricing seems reasonable for a freelancer), there is always a chance that SaaS companies are purposely making themselves too expensive for a freelancer, because they don't want their business.

    There's something to be said for knowing your market and focusing on it.

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 5 years ago

      No, that pricing is not correct with regards to the Systems feature.

      That feature is priced at $49/ per user, per month.

      And it only includes - ONE Design System


      The pricing and pricing constraint around Systems feels arbitrary.

      I would love to know how many companies are paying for this feature. I’d wager the number is minuscule.

      Yes, I do agree to a certain extent that companies can and do have pricing strategies that are intent on self-selecting the most desirable/ profitable customers.

      That’s business.

      However, in my personal experience as previously the CEO of a publicly traded Saas company. as a shareholder of a few other Saas companies, and as the co-founder of Saas venture at the moment, I always focus on knowing my metrics and trying to gather data and evidence to arrive at these understandings, and I shy away from cliches.

      I know the same well worn troupes of lowest paying customers being the highest costing in support, etc.,

      It really depends and if that’s the case, there are some ways around it.

      Productboard (which I love and use on many projects) has two pricing tiers $24/ per user, per month with “basic support” and $99/ per user, per month with “priority support”

      To be more freelancer friendly, Productboard recently changed their accounts system to be more like Slack’s versus HipChat

      Pricing strategy is indeed huge. UXPin seems like a well made product with a poorly considered and confusing (you got it confused) pricing strategy.

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