• Antek GrzankaAntek Grzanka, 6 years ago

    They have an AWESOME library of icons in UI Fabric.

    Does anyone know if their licence allows me to use them in my open source UI Library project?

    If not - can you recommend me an icon library appropriate for modern dashboards, web applications that I can use for such purpose?

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    • Peter Jahn, 6 years ago

      Hi Antek! Fabric team member here. Great question--though I'm not a lawyer, I can try to clarify Fabric's licensing a bit, and am happy to follow up with our legal team if you have any more questions.

      Because Fabric is a mix of MIT-licensed open source code as well as branded assets--such as fonts, icons, and product logos--there's some nuance to what kinds of projects the license currently covers. Essentially, Fabric's assets can only be used today to design and develop apps or services that integrate with Microsoft products. These include Add-ins for Office, web parts for SharePoint, and other extensions for Microsoft products. This applies to usage of the assets in application code itself as well as any designs produced by the toolkit.

      That said, all of Fabric's code itself can 100% be used in open source apps. There's even first-class support for Selawik, an open source drop-in substitute for the Segoe UI font used throughout Fabric.

      Hope this helps. Again, I'm happy to follow up with our friends in brand & legal if you have more specific questions about Fabric's licensing or usage.

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      • Antek GrzankaAntek Grzanka, 6 years ago

        Hi Peter! Thank you for your response.

        In essence, as I understand, there is no way to use Fabric icon font for any open source project that doesn't integrate to Microsoft software in any way. That is the case unfortunately in my project.

        Maybe you can consider releasing an alternative version of these icons without trademarked symbols just like you released Selawik, so it be possible to use them for any open source apps :) They are really unmatched in terms of the quality and completeness.

        Best regards and great job on the UI!

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