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almost 5 years ago from Alex Deruette, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Kickpush

  • Stevie EStevie E, almost 5 years ago

    Really digging this. The simplicity is lovely and really hard to pull off unless you nail all the the little details, which you have (is there a really subtle parallax on homepage images?) Strong palette too.

    To be super picky, not the biggest fan of the scrolling on the projects (did you get inspiration from the netflix stack by any chance On small desktops some of the image is cropped top and bottom, might be nicer to just let the user scroll naturally.

    Awesome work though, kudos.

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    • Alex Deruette, almost 5 years ago

      We actually took inspiration from the Preview app on Mac when you go full screen.

      We present our work as PDFs designed in this format. It makes it easy for us to design and implement new case studies and we use our live case studies as "Design Decks" when presenting our work.

      That's also the reason why we got rid of all copy on our case studies.

      Thanks for the kind comments and really appreciate the honest feedback

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