Khroma - The AI Color Tool for Designers(

6 years ago from George Hastings, Product Designer at Attune

  • Leszek PietrzakLeszek Pietrzak, 6 years ago

    I gave up at 0 after seeing this huge list of colors. I could choose one from a pair easily, but choosing a favourite color from a list containing similar shades? Nope.

    1. Maybe think about doing a multi-step "game", where user chooses a color out of two random ones?
    2. Don't order colors randomly on such list, as it is harder to go through it and it made you overlook duplicates (I see "muted midtone red" twice on that list)
    3. The names are bad - a green color is labelled as "rich dark yellow". I see you some idea to name colors by three categories (saturation, lightness and hue, so basically HSL), but I think it doesn't work. Have you thought about using some existing color names, like does?
    4. I would add some note that after choosing colors it will take few minutes to train/generate stuff, as it requires patience to wait through it ;-)
    5. Swap colors on image doesn't do anything 6.It would be nice to have option to type number in bias
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