Got my first client. What now?

4 years ago from Lex Vargas, Stuff maker

  • Esther Schindler, 4 years ago

    Also, you can't be too detailed about step #1.

    Be really explicit about who is doing what, when. Make sure you explain what is and isn't included in the What. And who owns what.

    Be very clear about payment, and how to identify the points where you say, "Where's my money?" Most freelancers learn to ask for an advance of some kind. (Often 1/3 at signing, 1/3 at a halfway point -- which you document clearly -- and 1/3 when all is complete -- and define "complete.")

    I have found, in 30+ years of freelancing, that when something is documented there isn't a problem. You might grouse to discover that damn, you did say in the contract that you'd include the source code. But the lawyers make their money on what is left out of the agreement. For instance I had one huge job, which somehow left out, "How much will client pay freelancer if the project is canceled" and I got completely screwed in that deal.

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    • Patrik Arvidson, 4 years ago

      +1 on this. I've been through several projects where a solid agreement wasn't written out and every single time it has come back to bite me in the ass one way or another. On top of that there's not an issue to add on more work, but you have to define a clear line of what's included and what's not, and that they will need to pay more for what's not included.

      I usually aim towards getting paid on a monthly basis, but I realize that it's different in Sweden than other countries.

      And as someone else wrote here, I'd also recommend communicating with the client often and to keep them in the loop. It's a bad thing if they ask for a project update if the reason is lack of communication on your part.

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