Got my first client. What now?

4 years ago from Lex Vargas, Stuff maker

  • Gokhun GuneyhanGokhun Guneyhan, 4 years ago


    If they know you also work full-time, they will probably understand your late replies, but still, try replying them asap when they have any questions. Even if you wouldn't be able to, just let them know you read their email and will write back in a few hours. (and trying doing that before they leave the office). Everyone appreciates fast communication and in time, it will help them understand you really mean it when you say you didn't have time.

    Being flexible with the scope of work/timing is acceptable to some extent, be careful. From my experience, clients via friend referrals tend to abuse the 'relationship' between you, so be clear on what's agreed initially unless they're happy to pay for your extra time. Also be clear on the payment terms.

    And take your friend to a dinner/lunch when you get paid :)

    Good luck.

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