Got my first client. What now?

4 years ago from Lex Vargas, Stuff maker

  • Ismael Branco, 4 years ago

    Step 1. Don't be a brick Step 2. Do what they want you to do Step 3. If you have any question, ask

    It's not about the process, it's about the capability of you to adapt to others. Be a teamplayer, but don't share everything and don't ask too much.

    Just be yourself and do the best work you can!

    GL mate

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    • Dennis AnderssonDennis Andersson, 4 years ago


      Be honest but not pushy. If you feel a certain decision of theirs is wrong or could be better, tell them so and explain why, thoroughly. They will - I've yet to meet a team/person that didn't - appreciate the effort but it's not a guarantee they fill follow your advice. It does however make them more comfortable asking you for advice moving forward.

      No matter the outcome of a discussion, decision or compromise - do the best work you possibly can. Communication is boss!

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