How would a VR version of Sketch look like?

over 5 years ago from Chris Keith, Product Designer at Facebook

  • Benjamin Berger, over 5 years ago

    In my team, we often use what we call a 'Design wall'. We have giant whiteboards and draw entire flow on them, print hi-fi mockups, add qual and quant data, inspiration, etc.

    Then the wall is used for feedback sessions with other designers, with engineers to figure out edge cases and logic flow, with leadership to validate the overall direction, etc. It is a good collaborative ritual.

    I can easily see how VR would get inspired by a similar system and augment it with the power of digital features and direct access to any data.

    If you know or, you can imagine similar experience with VR headset, removing the need of giant touch-screens.

    Also, from a pure ui / visual process, if you are used to sketch your UI before moving to your computer, imagine being able to do the same thing, but instead of drawing black and white rectangles, you directly incorporate UI components for example.

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