The New YouTube Logo(

almost 6 years ago from Leon Kennedy

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, almost 6 years ago

    Does anyone else having issues reading that font? I mean on the site. The kerning is so close It feels like it vibrating.

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    • Thomas Lowry, almost 6 years ago

      It looks pretty bad for me. I had to refresh to make sure it wasn't a mistake. Not sure if it is a scaling issue or just the type is displaying poorly on screen.

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    • Steve StruttSteve Strutt, almost 6 years ago

      Yeah, I see it too. I changed it to be just the red square with the following user style:

      .exp-invert-logo #yt-masthead #logo-container .logo-red { width: 34px; }
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    • James FutheyJames Futhey, almost 6 years ago

      Came here to say this.

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