• Juan F. MenaJuan F. Mena, over 6 years ago

    I'm curious to know if the AirBnb team has plans to work together with Hernan Torrisi [1] and build features on top of Bodymovin, that would be great.

    And by the way, in case someone from the team is reading, please give a shout out to Hernan Torrisi whenever you have a chance!

    Kudos to Salih Abdul-Karim, Gabriel Peal and team for developing Lottie, but the next time you're invited to a podcast or you're interviewed for an article, don't forget to mention Bodymovin and its creator. Lottie has a big dependency on Bodymovin, it would be great to see you sharing the spotlight with his project and his work.

    Long live Lottie : )

    [1] Hernan Torrisi, from Argentina, is the creator of Bodymovin.

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