Above the fold is a myth(abovethefold.fyi)

6 years ago from ChrisArchitec t, webdev, ops & solver of things

  • Brendan Appe, 6 years ago

    What we ended up seeing (while working at digital ad agency) was that while placing a call to action above the fold resulted in more clicks, ultimately a smaller percentage followed through with what that call to action was advertising (i.e. signing up for a new credit card).

    Placing the call to action below the fold resulted in fewer clicks, but a larger percentage of those clicks followed through with the process of signing up.

    I guess it depends on which metric is more important to who is calling the shots.

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    • Simon DuncanSimon Duncan, 6 years ago

      Was it a larger % and a smaller total number? Or were both metrics larger?

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      • Brendan Appe, 6 years ago

        As I remember (though this was a long time ago) more sign ups where achieved by placing the call to action below the fold.

        The point I was trying to get to was why we still had to deal with clients demanding everything be scrunched up above the fold, even after educating them of this. We dealt with marketing departments, and the only metric they cared about was click-through from their promotional pages.

        Getting people to complete the sign-up process was somebody else’s problem (probably the product owners).

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